Mark Tencaten: Blockchain

 Blockchain refers to the technology used to keep records of the Bitcoin network. It is a kind of database that stores data in the form of blocks chained together. While it may look a bit complicated in the first place, but its core concept can be understood easily, provided you have somebody to help you out.

A renowned blockchain expert, Mark Tencaten can help you enrich your knowledge related to blockchain and its applications. He can guide you on how a database like a blockchain can be used to collect information, stored electronically on a computer system.

To understand blockchain, Mark Tencaten advises to see it in the context of how it has been implemented by Bitcoin. Like any database, Bitcoin stores its blockchain through a collection of computers. This blockchain, then, stores every transaction that Bitcoin would make.

He explains it with the example of a company that owns a server constituting 10,000 computers through a database managing complete account information of its client. This company boasts of the warehouse to house all these computers under one roof controlling each of these computers and all the information stored within them. Similarly, Bitcoin consists of thousands of computers, but each computer or group of computers (referred to as nodes) holding its blockchain is located in separate geographic locations and are all operated by different groups of people or individuals.
In a blockchain, each node contains a complete record of the data about the entire history of all Bitcoin transactions stored on the blockchain since its inception. The advantage of this system is in case of an error in its data, any or other thousands of nodes can work as a reference point to correct it.

Moreover, Mark Tencaten knows how to deal with the situation when someone tampers with Bitcoin’s transaction history as it has a system to direct nodes to cross-reference each other and easily pinpoint the node with the incorrect information. In the nutshell, Mark Tencaten possesses complete know-how of blockchain and associated systems so that you can make maximum benefit out of this innovative technological advancement.


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