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{Mark Tencaten} | What Makes Bitcoin a Better Asset Than Gold

Bitcoin was created to resemble gold because it is intended to be a store of value. Throughout the history of mankind, gold has emerged as the best available store of value and medium of exchange. Despite having little "industrial" utility, gold has always been prized by people throughout the world, which is why it makes such a superb kind of money. It is widely available because people have kept it in storage from the beginning of time, yet it is also challenging to get. Gold is a great value store and a suitable medium of exchange due to all these factors. Due to its relative abundance and difficulty in mining, gold has value and, more significantly, a steady value, making it simple for societies to define their pricing in terms of the metal. Gold is the closest thing we have to perfect money in an imperfect world. Because of this, Bitcoin was designed to resemble gold in at least two significant aspects. First of all, there are only 21 million Bitcoin available. Esti

[Mark Tencaten] Cryptocurrencies will stay despite the recent crises

From the launch of the first virtual currencies and crypto assets in the 1990s and its democratization in the 2010s, cryptocurrencies are currently going through their worst crisis.  In late 2020, Bitcoin saw an unheard-of decline, which it has yet to recover from.  There has been significant discussion regarding the alarming collapse of several so-called stablecoins, which were meant to be less volatile, in addition to this steep decline.  This is made worse by the collapse of major cryptocurrency companies, notably as a result of accusations of fraud in scandals like the FTX one. Extreme volatility and speculation Tokens with potential usage as digital currency are among the crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.   Cryptocurrencies can also be used to pay for goods or services or investments in things like "security tokens," which give holders ownership rights to a portion of a business.   Stablecoins are distinct in that they are supported by a currency (such as t

Mark Tencaten - Binance halts U.S. dollar deposits and withdrawals

Beginning on February 8, Binance will temporarily halt all withdrawals and deposits made in US dollars. The well-known cryptocurrency exchange claims it is searching for a fix but has not provided a justification for the suspension. Only a small part of our users may be affected, the corporation said, and we are working hard to reinstate the services as quickly as possible. It's important to remember that Binance.US is a separate organization and that it won't be impacted. American clients shouldn't be impacted because they are unable to use the global platform. Binance stops deposits and withdrawals of US dollars MarkTencaten says that any news that implies halting withdrawals should worry you if you utilize Binance. After FTX and other cryptocurrency platforms just collapsed, the crypto world is still on edge. FTX customer funds totaling billions of dollars are either lost or constrained by legal repercussions. In an effort to reassure users, Changpeng Zhao, the

Mark Tencaten - Is Investing in Bitcoin safe?

Following a disastrous 2022, Bitcoin (BTC) has slightly increased this year. According to Mark Tencaten, the cryptocurrency began in 2023 at about $16,500 before growing to about $23,000. Although it has since decreased a little and is far from its record high of over $68,000, it has still increased by about 40% in just five weeks. Some people interpret the rally as a cause for optimism and the possibility that the crypto winter may finally be ending. The gold rise has been covered from being recognized thanks to the Bitcoin rally. The real rally occurring in actual gold is going unnoticed by the financial media because it is preoccupied with the sucker's rally occurring in actual gold. Why Bitcoin’s rally is considered a sucker’s rally? The primary criticism of Bitcoin is that it is pointless. People contend that Bitcoin is only a string of numbers, unlike gold, which he says is a hedge towards inflation and can potentially be used in jewelry, at the very least. Given that