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Mark Tencaten | How to keep your crypto exchange account secure?

According to Mark Tencaten , you are in charge of ensuring the security of the money. Even when the exchange has taken all the necessary precautions, the trader must still take some steps to guarantee the security of the funds in his wallet. Although the provider can ensure that the locks are impenetrable, it is nevertheless recommended that you take precautions by keeping the location of your keys and your keys' location a secret. Mark Tencaten states that users must follow a series of rules to guarantee the security of their cryptocurrency accounts. Please adhere to the following recommendations: 1. Configure two-step authentication - Set up two-factor authentication to make sure that no one can enter your cryptocurrency account without knowing both your password and the one-time password (OTP). 2. Verify the address bar - Always verify the URL you're viewing by looking at the address bar of your browser. You can fall prey to phishing and lose control of your account i

An Overview of How to Buy NFTs

What are NFTs? Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are made up of two components. Mark Tencaten  first defines tokens. A token is essentially a component of a blockchain network that may be used to transfer value, such as Bitcoin. As a result, a token is fungible, meaning that if you exchange one Bitcoin for another, you effectively get the same thing. In the blockchain, every token has precisely the same value. NFT coins are now non-replaceable due to their non-fungibility; they are the sole unique token on the whole blockchain. That NFT can only exist in a single instance. There may be a group of similar ones, but every single one in the group is entirely distinct, and only that unique one may be given any value. A different way to think of it is as a one-of-a-kind trading card. For instance, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, has likely one of the largest and most expensive NFT collections. It is simply a group of bored-looking apes, each distinctively unique and representing a diff

Mark Tencaten - Should you invest all your Money in Cryptocurrency?

As per Mark Tencaten, the major draw of cryptocurrency investing is the potential for a significant return on your investment. Since cryptocurrency is so erratic, it may make you wealthy. Alternately, you may lose virtually all you invested in a matter of seconds. If you follow cryptocurrency news, you've certainly read accounts of people who invested all their money there. The fortunate individuals have even succeeded, with some earning millions of dollars. During bull markets, success tales like this become far more prevalent and are sufficient to leave you wondering, "What if?" Mark Tencaten says to imagine that you choose to invest all of your money into cryptocurrency. You may expect a couple of things with absolute certainty, despite the fact that it is impossible to forecast what the outcomes would be. Even greater emphasis is placed on secure storage. Choosing a storage location for a cryptocurrency is one of the issues it presents. There isn't a perfe

Mark Tencaten | Cryptocurrency Scams you should be Aware of

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies debuting each month, the increased desire of investors in the blockchain world to place money in an extremely speculative market has rendered them more vulnerable to different cryptocurrency-related crimes. Losses from these scams totaled US$1.7 billion in 2018, with criminals defrauding unsuspecting investors using traditional and cutting-edge techniques. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are fields that are changing quickly; therefore, Mark Tencaten suggests it's critical to stay on top of new terms and effective safeguards for your money (cryptocurrencies). The many cryptocurrency-related frauds are explained by Mark Tencaten here, along with tips on how to prevent them. 1. Fake Initial Coin Offerings An ICO is a kind of cryptocurrency fundraising. It is the amount of cryptocurrency offered to investors or speculators in return for fiat cash or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. If the project's financial obje