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Mark Tencaten: Blockchain

  Blockchain refers to the technology used to keep records of the Bitcoin network. It is a kind of database that stores data in the form of blocks chained together. While it may look a bit complicated in the first place, but its core concept can be understood easily, provided you have somebody to help you out. A renowned blockchain expert,  Mark Tencaten  can help you enrich your knowledge related to blockchain and its applications. He can guide you on how a database like a blockchain can be used to collect information, stored electronically on a computer system. To understand blockchain,  Mark Tencaten  advises to see it in the context of how it has been implemented by Bitcoin. Like any database, Bitcoin stores its blockchain through a collection of computers. This blockchain, then, stores every transaction that Bitcoin would make. He explains it with the example of a company that owns a server constituting 10,000 computers through a database managing complete account information of i