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Mark Tencaten | Interest in Property Investment or Real Estate Investment

While the COVID pandemic has sincerely hit the worldwide economic system badly, actual property buyers need to know no longer experience a good deal upset as possibilities are in abundance for the ones searching out funding in assets or actual property. There’s nevertheless wish left for folks who realize in which to make investments and while to make investments, with properly possibilities to make cash within side the shape of rents in addition to appreciation (promoting favored assets at a profit). However, it's far essential you seize the heartbeat of the market. Following ways will help: 1. Bank on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Real property funding trust (REIT) is an amazing manner to spend money on assets of actual property because it facilitates buyers to get a sense how marketplace works without dropping money and time for purchasing your very own assets. REITs are groups concerned in owning, operating, or financing actual property ventures and actual pro

Mark Tencaten CEO | NGS GROUP

NGS Group has been headquartered in Hong Kong since 2013 and has offices around the world, including South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. According to Mark Tencaten , main focus of NGS Group is digital asset mining, with mines all over Asia. Since 2019, the transformation of POW proof of work to POS requires the mining of financial computers, or the more widely known proof of rights and interests. Mark Tencaten has studied the field of DEFI in more depth, which is known as decentralized finance. As loans and liquidity pools and projects are launched every day, NGS Group must position itself as a research and development technology company. If it is not a company, it is difficult for most people to assess where the value might be and the short-term value of which project it might represent v Tom orrow Google or Facebook. Since DEFI's decentralized finance is a hot topic of blockchain in 2021, we see great opportunities in the future in this field.