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Mark Tencaten | Digital Asset Mining

In 2016, mining really started to become recognized as a mainstream way to generate a passive income, however, with the media attention came competition with the Digital Asset Mining space. Mark Tencaten decided to expand and move the mining center offshore to a tax-free trading zone, where at the same time the cost of electricity was only 0.7 per kw. At the same time, electricity in Australia was rising to over 0.36 per kw, closing out 21 million Australian’s from participating in this new and exciting industry. Late 2016, Mark Tencaten owner NGS Group Limited decided to launch our own Digital Asset Mining products in Australia, opening up the Digital Asset Mining market to Australian’s once again without the cost or liability of running their own mining machines within Australia. The past 8 years have been an amazing rise in the Digital Asset Mining space. With the industry moving at an unprecedented pace, this has ensured that fresh ideas and innovation have been moving at the sam

Mark Tencaten: - Pros and Cons of Investment in Property or Real Estate

Investment in property or real estate is an eye candy for those who want to get rich in no time. But the bad news is only a handful are fortunate to realize their dream of making it big in the real estate market as most investors (especially the impatient ones) end up with empty bank accounts or a pile of debt. Like any other type of investment, investment in property or real estate involves certain risks. Therefore, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making investment in property or real estate. Pros of Investment in Property or Real Estate Pro 1: Availability of Finance The best thing about investment in property or real estate is that it allows you to use other people’s money (OPM). Unlike stocks and bonds, investment in property allows you to borrow money, or finance a property or multiple properties for a part of the total cost. Pro 2: Immense Growth Potential Unlike vehicles that are depreciating assets, home values tend to rise over time making it an ap

Mark Tencaten | Four Ways to Make the Most Of Investing In Real Estate

Investment in property or real estate can be a life-changing decision, provided you give due diligence to different factors associated with inflation and deflation in the sector, such as locating a property below market value as well as analyzing and assessing its financial sensibility. Many people across the world are fascinated by the idea of investment in property or real estate but are unsure about where and how to begin. That is why real estate investment expert Mark Tencaten recommends effective tips to increase your chances of making money in real estate, especially if you are a beginner. Here are four considerations, as suggested by Mark Tencaten that can help you make a happy beginning in real estate. Passion and Knowledge If you don’t like it you can’t understand it. People who are planning to make investment in property or real estate needs to feel good about it. They need to have an eye for beautiful and architecturally pleasing properties and the skill to acquire

5 Thinks to Consider Before Making Your First Investment in Property

  Real Estate has always been a lucrative investment area for prospective investors. While a few earn themselves a fortune with investment in property or real estate, many lose money as well.   Like every other business investment in real estate is associated with certain risks. Therefore, you should do your homework before entering the market. Mark Tencaten has effective instructions for first time investors who are considering investment in real estate: 1.      Emotions and Investment Don’t Go Together You might hear a lot of investors saying they listen to their heart or gut feeling. For me, emotions don’t work here. You must think logically and analytically, even if you are investing small amounts. Emotions should not have any role in your decision-making while making first investment in property or real estate. It is be a business investment where it is important you negotiate logically to get the best possible price. Remember, lower the price you are paying, higher the p