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Mark Tencaten - Why Hedge Funds Need DeFi

A hedge fund is just an elaborate name for a pooled investment fund that trades in relatively liquid assets, considering portfolio construction and risk management techniques to improve performance. So why are decentralized finances imperative to the hedge fund field? According to Mark Tencaten , innovative leader and CEO of NGS Group, “emerging hedge funds do not stand a chance of making substantial returns unless they are involved in the DeFi space.” This is because the DeFi space is still relatively new and is considered to still be in the land grab phase, so the chances of getting in early whilst the market is still growing, will give investors the best chance to take a piece of the current space and play on a relatively level playing field. The Top 3 reasons why Hedge Funds need to get into DeFi 1. Infrastructure DeFi is a considerably new space, and has only really been developed over the last few years. DeFi has opened the financial space to include functi