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Mark Tencaten | Top cryptocurrencies that can kill Ethereum in 2022

Several cryptocurrencies are competing with Ethereum for second place, trying to outpace it in terms of scalability, trading costs, and other important variables. But the real question is: Can anything as powerful as Ethereum be killed or outrun? Four of the most prominent "ETH killers," as they are known, have been described by Mark Tencaten , along with why they are called ETH killers. Some of the most well-known ETH killers include Cardano, Solana, EOS, and Polkadot. What are ETH killers? According to Mark Tencaten , the idea of the "Ethereum Killer" is to develop a blockchain that may improve upon the original's shortcomings. In other words, the players that can figure out the issues will have a chance to take over Ethereum eventually. The dominant players at the moment are Cardano, EOS, Solana, and Polkadot. Let's examine what makes them deserving of the title "Ethereum Killer." 1. Cardano Since its launch in 2017, Cardano has be

How the Cryptocurrency Market is coping with the Current Political Crises

The world was horrified and anticipated a market meltdown when Russian armies invaded Ukraine in the past months, but the cryptocurrency market held up better than ever. Cryptocurrencies have emerged as our alternative financial system's guiding light. They have provided us with fresh avenues for charitable giving (the Ukrainian government has begun to accept cryptocurrencies. Millions of dollars have already been raised in donations). The growing importance of crypto assets has thus been more evident than ever before and on a far bigger scale in the middle of all the confusion and uncertainty. Rally in cryptocurrency prices: Facts and background According to Mark Tencaten , the cryptocurrency market experienced a 10% decline after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a "military action" in Ukraine. But as usual, it quickly made a full recovery. With a new high, the value of cryptocurrencies has surpassed $3 trillion. Bitcoin has increased by more than 15% in th

Mark Tencaten | Can Cryptocurrency be Considered an Asset Class?

In Mark Tencaten's opinion, Cryptocurrency possesses all the characteristics of a new asset class. The characteristics include certain valid use cases as well as maintaining value over time and space. He thinks the use cases for cryptocurrencies could be much greater than those for the Internet, which won't be relevant until later in the digital revolution. Another key characteristic of this asset category is volatility, which is a necessary component of any asset class that is expanding, as was the case earlier for oil. He thinks that their volatility will decrease as virtual assets become more well-established. Mark Tencaten believes that early investors have a disproportionate amount of cryptocurrency assets in their possession and have become richer due to the subsequent years' exponential price growth of cryptocurrencies. They were able to hold it for a long period due to their high-risk-taking attitude. He also states that price volatility won't go down despite

What Impact does Blockchain have on the Current Environmental Crisis?

Governments and organizations from all over the world have been concentrating on adopting various technical solutions to address the issues posed by climate change and biodiversity loss in recent years. According to Mark Tencaten, Blockchain technology is one instrument that could be very useful in addressing climate catastrophe. Mark Tencaten explains that Blockchain is a decentralized, digitally distributed ledger that aids in transaction tracking and validation from a technical standpoint. Even though Blockchain is best recognized as the technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, environmental experts are already discovering other applications for it in combating the climate issue, from tracking pollution to the sustainability of products. In accordance with a survey by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Blockchain's decentralized transactions technology can offer important enhancements by enabling investors, developers, and buyers of ren