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Mark Tencaten - DeFI

  A $90 billion DeFi program known as Sushi Swap has been likened to the Wall Street on the Internet. Sushi Swap, which was developed in 2020 is a DeFi program whereby you can “Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage all on one decentralized, community driven platform.” Sushi Swap works in the way of an exchange, allowing traders to swap digital assets in a decentralised way. Decentralised Finance, DEFI, is a “new way to execute financial transactions through applications.” DEFI essentially eliminates the need of a traditional financial institution, such as the banks, and intermediaries by exercising the Blockchain. According to Mark Tencaten Blockchain is a “network software protocol that enables the secure transfer of money, assets, and information via the Internet, without the need for a third-party intermediary such as a bank.” Melanie Swan, Anticipating the Economic Benefits of Blockchain. NGS Crypto, Australia’s leading digital asset mining specialists have re