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Mark Tencaten - Hackers promote fake Robinhood cryptocurrency on Twitter

Hackers advertised fraud tokens on the social media pages of online stock and cryptocurrency broker Robinhood. A now-deleted post was utilized by scammers to advertise a reportedly brand-new Robinhood token. They gave supporters of Robinhood a chance to purchase its RBH token for an introductory price of $0.0005 and be among the first to do so. Sources claim that the hackers stole 26.95 Binance Coin (BNB) tokens valued at about $8,200. People who purchased the token afterward discovered they could not transfer or sell it, which means that their investment is now probably lost. The CEO of Binance shared on social media that the wallet gained from the fraud, which was hosted on the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, was frozen. The illegal tweets on Robinhood's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles "were all removed within minutes," the company said in a statement. Robinhood is looking into them. While the scam only succeeded in duping a small number of people. Mar

Mark Tencaten | Learn all about NFTs and its future

According to Collins Dictionary, the term of the year in 2021 was non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As per Mark Tencaten number of NFTs were auctioned for millions of dollars, with Pak's "The Merge" fetching a price of over $90 million. Nevertheless, their time in the limelight was only briefly felt. Last year, demand for quite everything crypto-related, including NFTs, decreased. What are NFTs? A non-fungible token is easier to comprehend if you see it as a digital certificate of ownership. These certificates are kept on the blockchain, theoretically forming a safe, irrevocable record that cannot be altered. Anything may be turned into an NFT, including a coffee cup and works of art, movies, and music. MarkTencaten explains Non-fungible, without being too complicated, is a term used to explain something that is distinct and not interchangeable. A dollar bill is, therefore, fungible because it isn't unique; it could be substituted with any other $1 bill, and people c

Mark Tencaten - Binance listings to invest in 2023

For up-and-coming projects of 2023 in the sector, joining Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world is a badge of pride. Mark Tencaten has mentioned these projects that are awaiting Binance listings, along with reasons for how they can improve the investment in 2023. Five new Binance listings to purchase in 2023 are: 1.     FightOut     FightOut is a popular new cryptocurrency that, in a short amount of time, has amassed a sizable number of followers on social media networks. A workout app called FightOut is based on the popular move-to-earn idea that was popular in 2022. The goal of the cryptocurrency platform is to use Web3 technology and gamification to make exercising more simple and more effective. You may make money on FightOut while working out at home or in the gym. The software keeps track of your whereabouts and gives you incentives based on how well you perform and how many tasks you complete. Mark Tencaten explains that REPS and FGHT are the tw

Mark Tencaten | Cryptocurrency Metaverse Projects to Invest in 2023

Since the decline of the Terra ecosystem, the market may have been filled with gloom and doom, but the cryptocurrencies class has never been seen to decline for an extended period of time. It is anticipated that the present bear market will only be a brief blip in the market's long-term direction. Even in the cryptocurrency market, there are always treasures to be found. This was demonstrated by the presales of 2022, where a few projects had significant investment inflows despite cautious capital allocation from investors as a whole. These metaverse projects are all poised to have a successful 2023 as their product launches and ecosystems expand after completing their presales successfully. Mark Tencaten suggests purchasing the following coins from the metaverse in 2023. 1.     Calvaria The team's goal is to make an entertaining and user-friendly game. A P2E card battler game called Calvaria is accessible to both crypto and non-crypto users. Many of the game's feat

Brazil approves bill, regulating Bitcoin as Payment

In a major update to widespread adoption, the Brazilian legislature this week approved a comprehensive legal framework for the use and trading of cryptocurrencies. The update will see Bitcoin recognized as a digital representation of value in the country, supporting the property as a means of payment and investment option. The announcement comes after a meeting in Brasilia, the capital of the country, held on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Although the bill did not define Bitcoin as a "legal entity", it passed a law that legalized cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in all countries. A move that will ultimately boost the acceptance of digital currency as a form of currency in the country. The bill applies broadly to cryptocurrency assets, which it considers "virtual assets" and requires only the president's signature to become law. The move will provide legal status for payments made in cryptocurrencies for goods and services, but not legal tender status. I