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Reassessing Real Estate Investments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Investment in property or real estate can be a wise move to diversify your overall wealth as it has a great potential for a stable money flow and value appreciation; and not to forget the generous tax benefits that comes along. However, it is important for the investors to take into consideration the risks associated with investment in real estate, especially in the COVID-19 times. The risks and rewards of investment in real estate have got greater relevance during the current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, real estate investors need to be aware of how the pandemic may affect different aspects of people’s life including how they shop, and where they choose to live. The pandemic, as experts suggest, has affected different property types in multiple ways. For instance, retail, hotels, restaurants, gyms and other recreational sectors are the ones most badly hit by the pandemic. On the contrary, industrial assets have managed to remain relatively stable.

Mark Tencaten:- Investment in Property or Real Estate

  While the COVID pandemic has really hit the global economy badly, real estate investors should not feel much disappointed as opportunities are in abundance for those looking for investment in property or real estate. There’s still hope left for those who know where to invest and when to invest, with good opportunities to make money in the form of rents as well as appreciation (selling appreciated property at a profit). However, it is important you capture the pulse of the market. Here are some ways to be able to do that. 1.      Bank on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Real estate investment trust (REIT) is a great way to invest in property of real estate as it helps investors to get a feel how market works without losing time and money for buying your own property. REITs are companies involved in owning, operating, or financing real estate ventures and real estate properties. They are similar to mutual funds or exchange-traded funds in the sense that they don’t just o

NGS GROUP - Mark Tencaten

 NGS Group has been based in Hong Kong since 2013 with offices around the world including South Africa Australia and Indonesia. NGS Group’s core focus is digital asset mining with mining farms located throughout Asia. Since 2019 there has been a move from POW proof of work mining where fiscal computers are required to POS or better known as proof of stake. Proof of stake has become popular within the blockchain industry as POS allows blockchain networks to not only address the scalability issue Of speed and cost of a transaction fee. Throughout 2020 - 2021 Mark Tencaten has further research the DEFI space better known as decentralized finance. With lending and liquidity pools and projects launching every day NGS group has to position its self as a research and development technology company. With so many digital asset mining projects and liquidity pools on offer, it’s hard for most people if not company to assess where the value may lie and in which project may represent