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Mark Tencaten | Over 50% More Flow on Meta NFT Support News

Meta Expands NFT Rollout With FLOW a huge beneficiary It looks that Meta's significant NFT play is starting to make waves, and it’s starting to catch investors’ attention. The FLOW token, on the NFT-focused blockchain, has increased around 52.2% after the announcement, according to statistics from Coin Gecko. Just minutes after Meta declared that it will make its NFT feature available in 100 countries, and that it has added Flow to its list of supported blockchains, the tokens price surged dramatically. According to Mark Tencaten Dapper Labs, the blockchain development firm behind popular NFT products Crypto Kitties and NBA Top Shot, announced the birth of Flow. Behemoths like Andreessen Horowitz, Coin base ventures, and Digital Currency Group are among its most notable supporters. As NFTs flourished in 2021, Flow had significant growth, however the peak was fleeting. After the market meltdown, FLOW was unable to attain new highs; peaking at around $42.40 per token in Ap

Top reasons why the cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

According to Mark Tencaten , it makes sense to consider cryptocurrency as a long-term investment possibility. Now that the year is coming to a close, significant growth drivers have emerged, including the enormous market capitalization, the introduction of new and reliable firms into the crypto space, and most crucially, the real-world potential dependent on fundamental blockchain technology. But are these the only factors contributing to cryptocurrency's widespread acceptance? Not by a long shot, at least. Although crypto's financial advantages are considered by its rising popularity, that is only the beginning. As per Mark Tencaten , there are other factors for this unprecedented surge in crypto acceptance, especially with investors pouring in to fund the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. The unpredictable nature of digital currency Cryptocurrency signifies a positive shift for people who believe that money has objective qualities. Despite price increases, the most well

Does this era-defining economic environment allow for the coexistence of cryptocurrencies and CBDCs?

Even if we enjoy digital payments like NEFTs, UPI transactions, and more, the idea is inevitably dependent on the established banking system. Even though the invoices are typically paid out right away, the involved banks must still communicate back and forth in order for the transaction to be effective. And a few server problems only make matters worse. CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and claims about its widespread acceptance are now here! Mark Tencaten explains that CBDC intends to unify the entire payment system under a single roof, as opposed to our current payment system, which requires ongoing monitoring and insight sharing for every two- or multi-party transaction and requires banks to maintain client information in dedicated databases. CBDC in the crypto world For those who are familiar with how traditional currencies and the current digital payment system operate, Mark Tenacten demonstrates that CBDC will undoubtedly bring in a new and more effective world of tra

Mark Tencaten | The crypto world is eagerly waiting for 'the Merge

The bitcoin industry has experienced a terrible year. A catastrophic crash destroyed around $1 trillion in market value and wiped out thousands of people's savings. A number of businesses declared bankruptcy. Mark Tencaten explains that the cryptocurrency market is currently obsessed with a long-awaited software update to Ethereum, the most widely used cryptocurrency platform that serves as the technological foundation for millions of crypto ventures. After years of delays, some insiders wondered whether the upgrade—known as the Merge—would ever take place. Mark Tencaten says that if everything goes as planned, the Merge will occur around September 15. The change would move Ethereum to a more energy-efficient architecture, resolving the common complaint that the negative effects of cryptocurrencies on the climate exceed any potential benefits. Additionally, it would establish the groundwork for future improvements that will lower the high transaction fees associated with using