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Mark Tencaten | Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency before Investing

Cryptocurrency got its name from the fact that it uses encryption to verify transactions while ensuring complete security and safety. Cryptocurrency has pulled attention of millions across the world over the last few years. But, still people know very little about it. It is basically the digital or virtual version of a currency. But, like other currencies cryptocurrencies are not regulated by a central issuing or regulating authority. Instead, there is a decentralized system in place to record transactions and issue new units. The following article covers some of the important aspects of cryptocurrency. You can also contact Mark Tencaten , one of the popular cryto experts, to know about it in detail. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital mode of payment system that doesn't require banks’ verification on transactions. In fact, it’s a one-on-one payment system that allows anyone to send and receive payments anywhere around the world. “Unlike physical money t

Mark Tencaten | Top Trends for Cryptocurrency Market in 2022

  The year 2021 has been a breakthrough year for the cryptocurrency market, thanks to the favor it found with governments and other financial institutions. Bitcoin (BTC), in particular, hit all-time highs. The enormous growth in the cryptocurrency market is also attributed to its penetration across major companies, with higher levels of regulation and enforcement further contributing to the popularity it garnered in the current year. “The major reason that made people to involve with cryptocurrencies is the profit potential that they promise.   And those who have invested in them at low price levels have already made a fortune out of it. However, ‘caution’ remains the key word when dealing in cryptocurrencies,” advices expert MarkTencaten .    Since the market appears upbeat about the further growth in the cryptocurrency industry, here are some market trends about cryptocurrency that may show up in the year 2022 as well. Expected Cryptocurrency Market Trends In 2022 If we go by

Mark Tencaten | CRO Set To Soar Even Higher After Major Sport Signing the worlds fastest growing crypto app who also offers a crypto visa card is set to expand rapidly, reaching a market value of $9,603 million by 2031. CRO token has recently soared to all-time highs after the cryptocurrency exchange and crypto credit card issuer recently inked a US$700 million naming rights deal with the well-known Staples Centre, the sports and entertainment center of the world and also home of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. You will probably know of the Lakers through the late Kobe Bryant who along with Shaquille O’Neil led the LA Lakers team to their first championship together. The world known Staples Center will now be named for the next 20 years, which will undoubtedly boost public and brand awareness. which is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange has risen by 35% recently in a short 24-hour period after news broke about their latest signing with the Staples Centre and is among one of the largest cryptocur